New Post

I’ve put a new post on Teaching What is Good. Please take a look!


New Post…

I’ve posted something on “Teaching what is Good”. I thought about coping and pasting it into a post on my blog but this is easier! 🙂  Here’s the link ( I do this a lot don’t I? ;))

It’s here!

Drum roll please! Mom and I have successfully started a new blog!  It is ready for tourists, be they men, boys, young women, older women!  Why I said that, you will find out in a minute.

Teaching What is Good

Now, this blog is mainly for young women, and older women, but everyone is free to look at it and will probably profit from it too. the two categories I listed back there includes every female, and you (not including the men) probably would fit into both, because there is always someone older, and younger, then you. I really encourage you to look at it and comment too, we make your comment into a post like we did my Grandma’s but any feedback would be great! Please take a look!


I’m developing a couple of new blogs, with very unique ideas to them, when they are ready for “tourists” 🙂 I’ll put a post up about them and add them to my blog roll. Hmm, why did I just tell you that? Maybe so you’ll be really excited and wishing I had not told you 😉  Oh Well, too late now 🙂

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