Memorization, a Spiritual Discipline

1.You are all probably wondering at my long absence in the blogging realm, but I have been posting on my other blog! Really!

2.Sometime I’m going to give this blog a makeover, like I did my photography blog, but not right now 🙂 School comes first!

3.  Do you like the new thing WordPress came out with? The Gravatar Hovercards?

I know some of you don’t just wondering what the majority is, I like them myself!

4. OK, now I’m getting to the real part of my post 🙂 Memorization!

In the Christian Education hour at our church Pastor Roman is going through a book about spiritual disciplines “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian life” by Donald Whitney, check it out here. One of the chapters is about memorization, a spiritual discipline. One of the questions he asked was very convicting, (paraphrasing here) “if someone paid you $1,000 every time you memorized a verse for one day, how many verses do you think you’d memorize?” I’ve always found it hard to stick to memorizing verses, but a friend recently introduced me to an online memorization site. Memverse; this program is amazing! I’ve been enjoying hiding God’s word in my heart, and I’m making lots of progress! I’m trying to gat a screen capture of it but it won’t work. anyway, I’ve found it really helpful! Please take a look and try it out!

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