Have you ever  wanted to wear a chain and then realized it’s all tarnished! It’s so annoying. But here’s a tip on how to get it off, I also used this tip to clean off a tarnished bangle of some sort I found on the ground.


It works, take a blob of toothpaste and rub it on the chain with a washcloth, rinsing it well and eventually it’ll be shiny again! It’s also a way to see if it’s real silver!

So there’s my tip for today…


“Shopping for Time” by Carolyn Mahaney, Nichole Whiteacre, Kristin Chesamore, and Janelle Bradshaw

This is the cover of a book I recently read. It is written by Carolyn  and her daughters. It is also a tremendous guide to saving  time, realizing the right priorities,and finding ways to organazation.  It has taught me some valuable lessons. A main one is to have the  right priorities. I also learned that “only God gets done his to-do list”. This is a great book and I strongly encourage you to read it. It may be available online  but I would look in your library system first.

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