My siblings love pizza. really love pizza. When Mom reveals that pizza is on the menu there is cheering, jumping up and down, and lots of commotion.

By pizza I don’t mean the kind you get delivered, I mean the frozen kind we pick up at the store.

The kind that tastes like they accidentally used cardboard for the crust {I don’t like them as much as my other siblings}.

But the boys, and Karis, love them. Especially when there is pop.

So we set the table

And then we eat.  This is what happens when we eat.

And this all happens in a time span of about two minutes. I’m serious, we could have a magic act called “The Disappearing Pizza.”

{I just realized that one of the pictures had pepperonis on it and the rest are of cheese 😀 Well anyway, you get the jist of it right?}

Did I mention we go through three of these every time we eat them?

My siblings love frozen pizza, but you should see their faces when they find out we are having homemade pizza.

But maybe you don’t want to. I’ll leave it up to you, OK?

Chris just came down and was like “Is that pizza? Can I see the pizza picture?” He took a look at it, sighs with bliss. “Yummmm.”

That sums it up pretty well, along with the fact that they pore over the pizza ads we get in the mail. But I must admit, those ones look pretty good.


“New” Blog

I’m pleased to announce a major redo to my other blog, Katelyn’s Korner.

It is now ~Kings Daughter Photography~  Click the button below to see it!

Karis playing

I found this site a little while ago, and entered the weekly photo contest for the first time. Here’s my submission,

Isn’t she cute!

Kyle’s Skills

Ky took this amazing picture, don’t you love it (I would have taken it first, but he had the camera at the time :))


I love you Dad! Happy Birthday

Abigail Adams


Image via Wikipedia

Did you know that Abigail Adams had a coin with her name on it!!! I’m writing about her this week, hopefully sometime soon I’ll post it.

Vacation, #2!

I’m getting ready to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house tomorrow with my two older brothers, here’s some pictures of the fun times we’ had together last year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Facts you might already know

Why does something big (battleship) float when something tiny (pebble) sinks? Here’s the reason!

The battle ship is less dense than a rock! Although the ship has more mass than a pebble is is shaped so that it has much more volume. an object that is less dense than it’s surrounding will float, that means if I took a big breath while I was swimming, I would float. But if I was swimming in rubbing alcohol I would sink, why? Because rubbing alchohol is much more dense than water.

Did you know that water is the only known substance that is less dense when a solid! God designed it so that when water froze, it would float on the surface of the liquid water. Otherwise the whole lake would freeze and all life would be extinguished! Our Creator is amazing!

Frozen Lake


I love this picture

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