Polished Cornerstone: part 4

Chapter 4 today, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in this chapter, I’m going it read it now.Wow, there is a lot of instructions in these chapters! I’m going to make a list of the “Do this” instructions, and the “Don’t do this” instructions.

Do This

❁ Hear your father’s instruction, Hold fast to his words (remember them),Keep his commandments: this is pretty much the same thing said three different ways

❁ Get wisdom and insight

❁ Love her (wisdom), prize her highly

❁ Keep hold of instruction

❁ Avoid the path of the wicked

❁ Listen, be attentive, and keep hold of my words

❁ Keep your heart with all diligence

❁ Put away from your crooked speech (dishonest, not straight-forward, not forthright)

❁ Ponder where the path of your feet (where you are going)

Here’s the “Do not Do” list

❁ Don’t forsake you father’s teaching

❁ Don’t forsake wisdom

❁ Do not enter the path of the wicked

❁ Don’t let go of instruction

❁ Do not let go of your father’s words

❁ Do not swerve to the right or the left (stay on the right path)

Wow, these lists are very parallel! They are almost the same thing!The command I’m going to take with me today is, “Put away from you crooked speech”I really need to work on that one!


Do Hard Things: Part Two

Cover of "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebel...

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Do Hard Things: by Alex and Brett Harris

I had forgotten this before, but their theme verse for this whole thing (the website, blog, book, everything) is 1 Timothy 4:12:

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

(1 Timothy 4:12 ESV)

They said their focus wasn’t on the first half of the verse, but on the second, setting an example to others.

OK, setting an example; that’s not too hard! So, when I’m at church and I see a little kid running, I set an example and tell them (gently of course) that they never see me running. Why?  Because I might bump into some one. So since I’m older and wiser they should follow my example and stop running. Nope, I’m sorry if you were hoping that was true, this is probably the first time you’ve visited my blog, because that’s not at all what it means! It means when your little bother (i.e. brother) is bothering you, you set an godly example and gently ask him to stop, or just overlook it. Or, you could set an example by doing something kind for your sister right after she dumped her soda can on your new comforter. Or you could show your friends that life isn’t all about shopping, music, and clothes (hopefully most of your friends don’t think that’s all life is about, at least, mine don’t :)).  You could set an example of humility by serving in the background, where no one will notice, instead of helping “on stage” where every one will praise you. Anyway, you can probably think of a LOT of ways to be an example right? So don’t just remember the first part of the verse! Memorize it all!

Here’s a question a friend asked me about my first post on this book, I’ve decided to incorporate it into this post.

If the kids hanging out at the basketball court or skateboard park or the neighbors sitting in their kitchens talking most of the day, changed their activity (say the kids spent that same amount of time practicing the violin or piano and the neighbors in the kitchen spent their time sewing clothes for the homeless), would that then mean their time is not being wasted? If the activity changes, does anything else change?
Good question! I think that those are good things to do, but I also think that you still could be wasting your time doing them. If you aren’t doing them for God’s glory (for instance if you were sewing clothes for the homeless because someone told you they would give you $50 every piece you sewed :*) but for personal gain or glory, I think it would be wasting time. But what if you did want to glorify God through your sewing?  I think it would be a matter of importance. Is what you are doing (i.e. sewing clothes for the homeless) the very best thing you could be doing with your time.  Also, maybe you are using that for an excuse, practicing violin because you don’t want to do your math. Because you want to take your mind off of the problems you’re facing in your life. Because you would rather play violin instead of have time alone with God (by the way, there is a balance to be struck with that, I think that having time with God is definitely very very very important but God has also called you to do other things with your time too, like practicing the violin. I think that if you’re to the point of replacing having time with God with playing the violin it has become an idol.) So,I think that if you are sure that God wants you to be doing it, and you have already done the other more important things God’s calling you to do at this time, and you are doing it solely with the motive of glorifying God, no, I don’t think it would be wasting time. I would go so far to say that if you are positive that “living” at the skateboard park all day in and day out is what God has called you to do and that you are doing it for the glory of God, and you have all the other important things (school is a big one) done already, and that is the best possible use of your time that you could do that and not be wasting your time! However, you would have a extremely hard time convincing me of all that :*
So, there’s your answer!

French Revolution Timeline

Here’s some of the thing’s I’m learning, I’m putting these mostly up for my own reference 🙂

It’s basically a timeline of the French Revolution:

Estates General meets for the first time in decades 1789

French Revolution begins June 17, 1789

Tennis Court Oath June 17, 1789

Storming of the Bastille July 14 1789

King Louis XVI killed Jan. 21 1793

The Reign of Terror June 27  1793 – July 27 1794

Marie Antoinette (Louis wife) killed Oct. 16 1793

The Reign of Terror ends July 27 1794

Forming of the Directory, and constitution in France Oct. 27 1795

Napoleon made First Consul  December 14 1799

Directory rules France 1795-1799

French Revolution ends, 1799

A Cool Bible Study Tip

An assortment of colored pencils

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I was going to post another installment of my Proverbs story, but I saw this cool picture (through the newest WordPress thing ((Zentama (((?)))))) and it reminded me of a bible study tool you can use:

Colored pencils!

As long as they’re not too sharp, they color the text, but they don’t show on the other side of the page!

And, I think they’re cheaper than highlighters (haven’t looked into that one though) I really like colored pencils! We use them to color maps for school too, they are more accurate than crayons.

So there’s my tip for today, Maybe I’ll post that Proverbs story now 🙂 (I just realized I’m on the wrong computer and my flash drive is in the room where Karis is napping 🙂 Oh well)

Cornstarch Goop

I always have thought cornstarch was weird but when I tried this combination I knew it was for me, why because I love things you can make in the kitchen that are weird, gloopy, squishy,etc, etc. 🙂  I read this idea in a magazine for parents with young kids, as a play idea for toddlers, but I loved it too 🙂

Cornstarch Goop

Mix some cornstarch, I used about a tablespoon to start with, and a little less water, together. I tried red food coloring but it did not turn out well ’cause it stained my fingers while I was playing with it.  when you mix it up it will look like really liquidy pudding  but when you touch it will feel solid! When you pick a “chunk” up it will kind of liquify and start dripping!

This stuff is so cool!

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