Jerome the monk

June 22

My name is Jerome and I am a Cistercian monk. As a Cistercian brother I have sworn three oaths; poverty- I do not own any personal property (but this scroll), chastity- I can not marry or have any relations with woman, and finally obedience to the father and the Church. So with that introduction I will record this day’s events.


I get up at four o’clock and dress in my cell. I am fortunate to have a monastery with cells; most others have dormitories. After dressing in the white habit of all Cistercian brothers I hurry to the church to partake in the first prayer service of the day.


With many of the other monks I walk to the cloister to read and study a poetry book. The cloister is connected to many important buildings- in fact it is the center of the monastery. There are many niches for monks to read or pray and it is surrounded on three sides by our garden.


As one of the 10 scribes in our monastery I copy and write many books in the scriptorium where I am headed now. At the moment I am coping a book of myths (we copy many kinds of books). For two hours I copy the myth of St. George And The Dragon.


To the church for the second prayer service.


As the Almoner of the monastery I must, twice a week, go and distribute clothing and money to the needy. There are many other duties such as cook, doctor, or guest master but I am content with my role.


A prayer service and Mass


Our first meal of the day, we eat two meals a day- 10:00 and 2:00. We are having bread, salmon, and fresh greens from the garden. We eat our meals in silence as the father reads from a book of famous monks


Another prayer service and a chapter read to us from St. Benedict’s Book of Rules


I walk to the scriptorium to finish St. George And The Dragon then I must start illustrating it.


To the church for a short prayer service and a longer Mass.


I am going to work in the garden with Brother Martin. We have lots and lots of weeding, hoeing, and picking to do.

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