My siblings love pizza. really love pizza. When Mom reveals that pizza is on the menu there is cheering, jumping up and down, and lots of commotion.

By pizza I don’t mean the kind you get delivered, I mean the frozen kind we pick up at the store.

The kind that tastes like they accidentally used cardboard for the crust {I don’t like them as much as my other siblings}.

But the boys, and Karis, love them. Especially when there is pop.

So we set the table

And then we eat.  This is what happens when we eat.

And this all happens in a time span of about two minutes. I’m serious, we could have a magic act called “The Disappearing Pizza.”

{I just realized that one of the pictures had pepperonis on it and the rest are of cheese 😀 Well anyway, you get the jist of it right?}

Did I mention we go through three of these every time we eat them?

My siblings love frozen pizza, but you should see their faces when they find out we are having homemade pizza.

But maybe you don’t want to. I’ll leave it up to you, OK?

Chris just came down and was like “Is that pizza? Can I see the pizza picture?” He took a look at it, sighs with bliss. “Yummmm.”

That sums it up pretty well, along with the fact that they pore over the pizza ads we get in the mail. But I must admit, those ones look pretty good.



  1. Took me about 4 trys (using the spell checker) to spell that…. really…. but that’s not the norm, I promise!
  2. Clean,Clean,clean,clean,clean,clean,clean, do you get the point? We’ve been (surprise surprise) cleaning!
  3. company’s coming, how did you guess, we get to see the Martins, who moved away about a year ago!
  4. This number represents the number of  boys the Martins have, all 8 and under
  5. Martin boys+ Bumgardner boys = 7 boys twelve and under!
  6. OK, just in case you are thinking otherwise, I still do love the Martin family! But then, they’ve never stayed a whole week at our house!
  7. Dad coming home! he just called!
  8. Blogging, there seems to be a pattern with this; here we go:     I get a blog (on WordPress), couple months later Ky gets a blog (on WordPress), Chris (the same day) gets a blog (on WordPress)                                                                                                      I get a blog (on Blogger), a couple of months later Ky gets a blog (on Blogger), Chris ( the same day gets a blog) on Blogger)                    Do you see a pattern?
  9. Wind, and snow, no I’m not kidding you, I’ve seen some snowflakes today! did I really want that exclamation point there?
  10. Tired, I don’t feel like going-to-sleep-tired, I feel like sitting-still-for-a-long-time-tired
  11. I woke up a 4 am today and couldn’t get back to sleep till 6 am. I made up for and slept till eight! (very somewhat unusual, OK, like maybe an half an hour later then I’ve been rolling out of bed to last couple of weeks) 🙂 but my normal, (which hasn’t been normal lately) wake-up time is supposed to be six
  12. Daddy Home!
  13. (Wow, I wan’t to get to ten, I’m at thirteen!)

Do Hard Things

My brothers read this book too, and I thought you would enjoy both of their posts, except Kyle hasn’t written his yet 🙂 But take a look a Chris’s review

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Shrine of the Book, housing the Dead Sea S...

Image via Wikipedia

We ate supper early and headed off for a field trip at 4:00 PM. Where to? The Science Museum. As some of you may know, right now they’re exhibiting the Dead Sea Scrolls! First we went to the Omni theater, to watch Arabia, and then headed to the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit, where we all received a phone! I’m just kidding, but we did get to use something that looked like a phone which gave us an audio tour!

So then we actually walked into the exhibit. There I was able to walk across the Mediterranean Sea in three steps (on a map of course)! I saw lamps, coffins, earrings, ink, checkered blankets, even dried grapes, all from the time the Dead Sea Scrolls were made! Wow, I saw a lot of things! I learned that when theologians first were studying these ancient manuscripts, they used the equivalent of Scotch tape to secure them!!!!!  Later the scientists painstakingly used solvent to try to remove the adhesive and residue so they would last longer. I saw pictures that looked identical to the ones Dad took when he was in Israel, and  listened to lots of little “lectures” from my audio tour.  Did you know that one of the scrolls was copper, and had to be cut apart because they couldn’t unroll it! It had a list of treasures on it. People disagree whether these were real treasures, and if they were, whether they are still hidden or not. I toured the Temple (on a TV screen) and measured myself with the measuring stick surveyors used, and then we walked down a dimly lit corridor to the center of the display. Dark. Cool. A policeman. The scrolls! They were lit up in glowing cases around the room, it was amazing to think that they were so old; that Christians from so long ago had touched these and that God had preserved these for us! I really enjoyed this trip to the Science Museum!

Karis playing

I found this site a little while ago, and entered the weekly photo contest for the first time. Here’s my submission,

Isn’t she cute!

Kyle’s Skills

Ky took this amazing picture, don’t you love it (I would have taken it first, but he had the camera at the time :))


I love you Dad! Happy Birthday

I love Mom and Dad!

This is the card I made to celebrate Mom & Dad's 14 anniversary last Tuesday


I’m thinking of changing my theme so I can create myself a header like I created for Kyle! Check it out at Pondering’s from the Son of Encouragement

Back from vacation!

Did I really want to put that exclamation point up there? I’m not sure; but it’s  good to be home!

Now we’re getting ready to start school; only three more weeks! :O  That’s a little scary to think about!

I think my favorite thing at Grandpa and Grandma’s house was going to sleep without Karis 🙂  No little voice calling “Kakie”, and “up”, and getting out of bed 🙂

But I still do love her just the same!

So now I’m home from vacation and getting back into the grind 🙂

That’s all for now!

Vacation, #2!

I’m getting ready to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house tomorrow with my two older brothers, here’s some pictures of the fun times we’ had together last year!

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Karis’s Adventure

My name is Karis and I am one and a half years old,

One day my mom put me down for a nap in the room my twelve year old sister and I share. I laid down unhappily till she went out then tried to amuse myself. I found out I could climb out of my crib! So, I climbed out of my crib, crawled into the bottom bunk bed that Mommy doesn’t let me sleep in yet, and crawled through that onto my changing table. Than I pulled myself up to “Kakie’s” bed, but, this time I didn’t quite make it, I fell down to the changing table, hit the changing pad (thank goodness, other wise I would’ve cut open my head!) and from there rolled to the floor.

My big brother heard the thud and came and rescued me, then brought me down to Mommy who comforted me. Then she returned me to my crib.

But, I wasn’t done yet, nope, I spotted my sister’s bright green purse, stuffed full of things she never lets me get into, so out I climbed again. I unzipped it and dumped everything out, here’s what I found

A package of gum ( I ate the two and a half pieces that were left), lots of sticky notes, I drew on those with a pen. I adorned myself with some green chap stick that was in there too, it smelled good! Then I emptied her change purse, later I brought them with me to the next place I visited. I opened up this pink pouch thingy I found, but I couldn’t get her library card out 😦 Too bad. I did see the zippered pocket in it and opened that, this had hand sanitizer, more lip stuff, and other interesting things, but I was getting tired so I found some earrings on the dresser, those were fun to play with. then I opened the box she never lets me open, interesting stuff in there too! but now I was really tired so I climbed back bottom bunk, then up to the changing table and finally into “Kakie’s” pink bed. I went to sleep there, and that was were Mommy found me when I woke up.

(This is a true story)

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