The Dead Sea Scrolls

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We ate supper early and headed off for a field trip at 4:00 PM. Where to? The Science Museum. As some of you may know, right now they’re exhibiting the Dead Sea Scrolls! First we went to the Omni theater, to watch Arabia, and then headed to the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit, where we all received a phone! I’m just kidding, but we did get to use something that looked like a phone which gave us an audio tour!

So then we actually walked into the exhibit. There I was able to walk across the Mediterranean Sea in three steps (on a map of course)! I saw lamps, coffins, earrings, ink, checkered blankets, even dried grapes, all from the time the Dead Sea Scrolls were made! Wow, I saw a lot of things! I learned that when theologians first were studying these ancient manuscripts, they used the equivalent of Scotch tape to secure them!!!!!  Later the scientists painstakingly used solvent to try to remove the adhesive and residue so they would last longer. I saw pictures that looked identical to the ones Dad took when he was in Israel, and  listened to lots of little “lectures” from my audio tour.  Did you know that one of the scrolls was copper, and had to be cut apart because they couldn’t unroll it! It had a list of treasures on it. People disagree whether these were real treasures, and if they were, whether they are still hidden or not. I toured the Temple (on a TV screen) and measured myself with the measuring stick surveyors used, and then we walked down a dimly lit corridor to the center of the display. Dark. Cool. A policeman. The scrolls! They were lit up in glowing cases around the room, it was amazing to think that they were so old; that Christians from so long ago had touched these and that God had preserved these for us! I really enjoyed this trip to the Science Museum!



Have you ever  wanted to wear a chain and then realized it’s all tarnished! It’s so annoying. But here’s a tip on how to get it off, I also used this tip to clean off a tarnished bangle of some sort I found on the ground.


It works, take a blob of toothpaste and rub it on the chain with a washcloth, rinsing it well and eventually it’ll be shiny again! It’s also a way to see if it’s real silver!

So there’s my tip for today…

Facts you might already know

Why does something big (battleship) float when something tiny (pebble) sinks? Here’s the reason!

The battle ship is less dense than a rock! Although the ship has more mass than a pebble is is shaped so that it has much more volume. an object that is less dense than it’s surrounding will float, that means if I took a big breath while I was swimming, I would float. But if I was swimming in rubbing alcohol I would sink, why? Because rubbing alchohol is much more dense than water.

Did you know that water is the only known substance that is less dense when a solid! God designed it so that when water froze, it would float on the surface of the liquid water. Otherwise the whole lake would freeze and all life would be extinguished! Our Creator is amazing!

Frozen Lake

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