Polished Cornerstone part 5

I haven’t posted one of these for a while!

Chapter 5, this is going quickly!
In this chapter Solomon is warning his son not to be friends with, spend time with, or love a wicked woman.  Why? because her path leads to death! Here’s my wise dealings list

  • Listen to your dad’s wisdom and instruction (Mom has good things to say too)
  • Guard knowledge
  • Don’t trust a wicked women, even though she will seem to be nice, her way leads to death
  • Listen to wise teachers (parents, pastor, other godly people)They will direct you in the right way
  • Ponder your path: (watch where you’re going) God can see everything you do and think!
  • Don’t lack discipline, those who do are wicked!

Listen to my parents wisdom! That is imperative! That is the instruction I’m going to remember today!



1 John

If you want to challenge yourself in your walk with Christ 1 John in an amazing book to go through. Right now I’m going through it verse by verse and studying each verse, writing each word and what I think it means, and so on. I’ve found it helpful to be able to focus on that one thing for the day, and try to work on it. I think my favorite verse of 1 John is 1 John 2: 5b-6

By this we may know that we are in him:  whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. (1 John 2:5; 1 John 2:6 ESV)

What would Jesus do?

Memorization, a Spiritual Discipline

1.You are all probably wondering at my long absence in the blogging realm, but I have been posting on my other blog! Really!

2.Sometime I’m going to give this blog a makeover, like I did my photography blog, but not right now 🙂 School comes first!

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4. OK, now I’m getting to the real part of my post 🙂 Memorization!

In the Christian Education hour at our church Pastor Roman is going through a book about spiritual disciplines “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian life” by Donald Whitney, check it out here. One of the chapters is about memorization, a spiritual discipline. One of the questions he asked was very convicting, (paraphrasing here) “if someone paid you $1,000 every time you memorized a verse for one day, how many verses do you think you’d memorize?” I’ve always found it hard to stick to memorizing verses, but a friend recently introduced me to an online memorization site. Memverse; this program is amazing! I’ve been enjoying hiding God’s word in my heart, and I’m making lots of progress! I’m trying to gat a screen capture of it but it won’t work. anyway, I’ve found it really helpful! www.memverse.com Please take a look and try it out!

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Polished Cornerstone: part 4

Chapter 4 today, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in this chapter, I’m going it read it now.Wow, there is a lot of instructions in these chapters! I’m going to make a list of the “Do this” instructions, and the “Don’t do this” instructions.

Do This

❁ Hear your father’s instruction, Hold fast to his words (remember them),Keep his commandments: this is pretty much the same thing said three different ways

❁ Get wisdom and insight

❁ Love her (wisdom), prize her highly

❁ Keep hold of instruction

❁ Avoid the path of the wicked

❁ Listen, be attentive, and keep hold of my words

❁ Keep your heart with all diligence

❁ Put away from your crooked speech (dishonest, not straight-forward, not forthright)

❁ Ponder where the path of your feet (where you are going)

Here’s the “Do not Do” list

❁ Don’t forsake you father’s teaching

❁ Don’t forsake wisdom

❁ Do not enter the path of the wicked

❁ Don’t let go of instruction

❁ Do not let go of your father’s words

❁ Do not swerve to the right or the left (stay on the right path)

Wow, these lists are very parallel! They are almost the same thing!The command I’m going to take with me today is, “Put away from you crooked speech”I really need to work on that one!

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Shrine of the Book, housing the Dead Sea S...

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We ate supper early and headed off for a field trip at 4:00 PM. Where to? The Science Museum. As some of you may know, right now they’re exhibiting the Dead Sea Scrolls! First we went to the Omni theater, to watch Arabia, and then headed to the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit, where we all received a phone! I’m just kidding, but we did get to use something that looked like a phone which gave us an audio tour!

So then we actually walked into the exhibit. There I was able to walk across the Mediterranean Sea in three steps (on a map of course)! I saw lamps, coffins, earrings, ink, checkered blankets, even dried grapes, all from the time the Dead Sea Scrolls were made! Wow, I saw a lot of things! I learned that when theologians first were studying these ancient manuscripts, they used the equivalent of Scotch tape to secure them!!!!!  Later the scientists painstakingly used solvent to try to remove the adhesive and residue so they would last longer. I saw pictures that looked identical to the ones Dad took when he was in Israel, and  listened to lots of little “lectures” from my audio tour.  Did you know that one of the scrolls was copper, and had to be cut apart because they couldn’t unroll it! It had a list of treasures on it. People disagree whether these were real treasures, and if they were, whether they are still hidden or not. I toured the Temple (on a TV screen) and measured myself with the measuring stick surveyors used, and then we walked down a dimly lit corridor to the center of the display. Dark. Cool. A policeman. The scrolls! They were lit up in glowing cases around the room, it was amazing to think that they were so old; that Christians from so long ago had touched these and that God had preserved these for us! I really enjoyed this trip to the Science Museum!

School Starts Tomorrow

Bible Eric 2

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Tomorrow we’re starting school and  I’ve got a challenge to go with it. I’m challenging myself with this, & I want to invite you to do it too! This week I’m going to read through the NT. Will you take the challenge too? maybe it’ll take you 3 weeks- or months, but if you want to take this challenge, please comment and tell me what deadline you’ve given yourself.  How will you do this? I don’t know, but I’m going to keep a bible with me & read whenever I’ve got a few minutes. I wonder, how much time do we use, just resting for a minute, or looking at this book, or doing some little thing, when we could be so many other profitable things? This will help me discover the answer.

A Polished Cornerstone #2

Here is the second journal entry of my fictional friend

“Today is Wednesday, I am still waking up, ‘cause it’s only 6:30! But here’s my notes on chapter two.

I think the first part of this chapter is telling me to find wisdom, seek it, hold it once I’ve found it, and never let it go.

Then the second part of this chapter is about what will happen to you if you do follow the instructions in the first part of the chapter. You will understand the fear of the Lord and many other blessings.

Here is my list of “Wise Dealings” as I’m going to call my corner pillar list from now on.

❁ Make my ear attentive to wisdom

❁ Treasure up what my parents tell me

❁ Call out for insight

❁ Seek wisdom and understanding

❁ Be upright, then I will inhabit the land (or earth) instead of being rooted out like the wicked, or treacherous.

This is the one I’m going to try to especially remember today: Treasure up what my parents tell me, they have lots more wisdom than me!”

A Journey Through Proverbs

At different intervals, maybe once a day 🙂  I’m going to post an excerpt from what I’m writing right now, the journey of a fictional girl through Proverbs, in a search for instruction that she can use to help make her a better “Corner Pillar”

May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace; (Psalm 144:12 ESV)

Here’s her first journal entry

A Pillar Fit For a Palace

The Journey of a Young Lady Through Proverbs

May 1

Today I read Psalm 144:12. It says “May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace.” I asked Mom what it meant and she told me that cornerstones (in a different version it says “cornerstones”) are the pieces in a building that make it all work together, they must fit perfectly and if they do they will help build a better building. So, she told me to read through Proverbs this month and write down what I thought of the chapter and list the things that would help me be a better “cornerstone”. Here’s chapter one:

I think, in verses 1-6 Solomon is telling us what Proverbs is meant to do, kind of like a subtitle to the real title “Proverbs”;

To know wisdom and instruction, to receive instruction in wise dealings, to give prudence to the simple, to let the wise hear and increase in learning, and to understand a proverb and a saying. Hmm, pretty cool, so it could look like this:


A series of proverbs and sayings to help you know wisdom and instruction,receive instruction on how to deal wisely, to give prudence to you if you are simple,to help you increase in                                                           learning if you are already wise, and to help you understand riddles, proverbs, sayings, and words of the wise.

I’m running out of space for the first day so here’s the list of things to I need to do or learn because they will help me be a better corner pillar.
❁ Fear the Lord

❁ Listen to my parents instruction

❁ Do not listen to sinners, even if they sound like what they’re doing is OK

❁ Listen to wisdom and I will dwell secure

❁ Do not scoff her (wisdom), love her and seek her.

That’s all for today journal, tomorrow I’ll read Proverbs 2!

My Bible!

My beautiful bible, from my parents!

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