A Cool Bible Study Tip

An assortment of colored pencils

Image via Wikipedia

I was going to post another installment of my Proverbs story, but I saw this cool picture (through the newest WordPress thing ((Zentama (((?)))))) and it reminded me of a bible study tool you can use:

Colored pencils!

As long as they’re not too sharp, they color the text, but they don’t show on the other side of the page!

And, I think they’re cheaper than highlighters (haven’t looked into that one though) I really like colored pencils! We use them to color maps for school too, they are more accurate than crayons.

So there’s my tip for today, Maybe I’ll post that Proverbs story now 🙂 (I just realized I’m on the wrong computer and my flash drive is in the room where Karis is napping 🙂 Oh well)

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