1. Took me about 4 trys (using the spell checker) to spell that…. really…. but that’s not the norm, I promise!
  2. Clean,Clean,clean,clean,clean,clean,clean, do you get the point? We’ve been (surprise surprise) cleaning!
  3. company’s coming, how did you guess, we get to see the Martins, who moved away about a year ago!
  4. This number represents the number of  boys the Martins have, all 8 and under
  5. Martin boys+ Bumgardner boys = 7 boys twelve and under!
  6. OK, just in case you are thinking otherwise, I still do love the Martin family! But then, they’ve never stayed a whole week at our house!
  7. Dad coming home! he just called!
  8. Blogging, there seems to be a pattern with this; here we go:     I get a blog (on WordPress), couple months later Ky gets a blog (on WordPress), Chris (the same day) gets a blog (on WordPress)                                                                                                      I get a blog (on Blogger), a couple of months later Ky gets a blog (on Blogger), Chris ( the same day gets a blog) on Blogger)                    Do you see a pattern?
  9. Wind, and snow, no I’m not kidding you, I’ve seen some snowflakes today! did I really want that exclamation point there?
  10. Tired, I don’t feel like going-to-sleep-tired, I feel like sitting-still-for-a-long-time-tired
  11. I woke up a 4 am today and couldn’t get back to sleep till 6 am. I made up for and slept till eight! (very somewhat unusual, OK, like maybe an half an hour later then I’ve been rolling out of bed to last couple of weeks) 🙂 but my normal, (which hasn’t been normal lately) wake-up time is supposed to be six
  12. Daddy Home!
  13. (Wow, I wan’t to get to ten, I’m at thirteen!)

Cornstarch Goop

I always have thought cornstarch was weird but when I tried this combination I knew it was for me, why because I love things you can make in the kitchen that are weird, gloopy, squishy,etc, etc. 🙂  I read this idea in a magazine for parents with young kids, as a play idea for toddlers, but I loved it too 🙂

Cornstarch Goop

Mix some cornstarch, I used about a tablespoon to start with, and a little less water, together. I tried red food coloring but it did not turn out well ’cause it stained my fingers while I was playing with it.  when you mix it up it will look like really liquidy pudding  but when you touch it will feel solid! When you pick a “chunk” up it will kind of liquify and start dripping!

This stuff is so cool!

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