reading record

Since my twelfth birthday  my reading habits  will be changing. I’m going to keep a record of the books I’ve read, Here is the beginning.

Purple: It’s a great book
Green: good book
Blue: Maybe read a review on it, but overall it’s not that great
Black: it’s on the internet, so its available for anybody

1. A Place of Quiet Rest: By Nancy Leigh Demoss
A great book for helping you love your time with God more

2. A Gentle and Quiet Spirit: Elizabeth George
Goes through 1 Peter. A good book, more about suffering
then having a gentle and quiet spirit though. Very good if you’re
going through some suffering.

3. A Heart Of Anger: By Lou Priolo
A Superb book. I only skimmed through it but it’s definitely worth reading!!!!

4. C.S. Lewis, “Introduction To Athanasius’ On The Incarnation”

5.   Lecture on why you should study church history. Here’s the link

6. 7 Secrets Women Want to Know by P.B. Wilson
Mostly on submission, a pretty good book, I just wasn’t sure if it’s great enough to put in purple.

7. Lies women believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
A suberb book! Definitly worth investing in no matter whether you’re young, a mother, ummarried, working or whatever!

8. Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper
I read this a while ago, a great book, lots of neat ideas for traditions to start in your family, tho that’s not all it is

9. The Personal Touch by Rachael Crabb
A neat book on hospitality and ways to practice it

10. In The Best Possible Light: Godly Femininity in the twenty-first century, by Beneth Peter Jones
An interesting book, not what it sounds like, but, you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. It’s more tips on how to match your clothes and put on makeup to fit your face shape  than about femininity, it was interesting to read though tho.

11.Where Roots Grow Deep” by Bob Welch
This book is about the traditions and character traits you pass along to the generations after you, full of amusing stories it is very thought provoking and worth checking out!

12.It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh
This is about getting rid of clutter and how to make a room serve it’s purpose, if you’re drowning in clutter, this is the book for you, he leads us through the process of cleaning up the clutter, and accomplishing your goals, he includes interesting client stories, such as how a woman was found suffocated under piles of clutter that had toppled, and he gives ways to resolve arguments family members might have concerning how much, and how little to keep!

13. 1776 by David MuCullough, this book is fabulous! We read it as a family and can’t wait to read another of his books, this book spotlights the most crucial year of the Revolutionary War,  1776.

14. Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris: Very interesting

15. Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris: Lots of practical ideas

16. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
Teaching you how to practice spiritual disciplines.

17. John Adams by David McCullough
reading as a family

18. Girl Talk by Caroline Mahaney
going through with Mom

19. Shopping for Time by Caroline Mahaney and her daughters
Fabulous book on using your time wisely

20. She walked with Jesus by Brenda Pionsett
Great book about women in the bible

21. Consider the Lilies by Teresa Nuckols
This is a very good devotional book about spending time with your Heavenly Father, written especially for young ladies. A very practical book.
22. Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver
This was a wonderful book that convicted me with every chapter. She especially highlights the need to change yourself, not others, this is something I struggle with.
23. To Live is Christ by Beth Moore
I’m not done this book, but its neat to imagine what life for Paul would have been like.
24.  Ready or Not? by Sara Carlson
This is about being ready for womanhood and preparing right now. Very good.


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  1. Ruth Bumgardner

    Katelyn the gray background makes it really hard to read – how about another color (-:

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