10 things

one. We read a Christmas book to Karis  that had trolls in it. A while later she holds up the book to show Dad and says “This book has tweezers in it!!!” I thought it was pretty cute. She still doesn’t get it even though we corrected her.

two. I’m still getting over a sinus infection, one that had me cooped up in the house for two whole weeks. I’m so glad I can go to church tomorrow!

three. We celebrated Mom’s birthday tonight. Mom, you are the best Mom I could ask for! I love you so much!

four. It’s snowing finally!!! So excited for a little more white on the ground.

five. I have my braids in hair. I mean, my hair in braids. I like it more every time I wear it like that. Sometime I’ll get a picture.

six. Because I had my hair in braids Karis needed her hair in braids. Mom says it makes us look more like sisters. I like that.

seven. I found a cute new sweater Mom bought me hanging in my closet last night. She told me we have to wrap it up for Christmas after I wear it  🙂

eight. I miss playing the flute. I can’t right now because of my cold.

nine. Christmas shopping is almost done. Just a couple more gifts to figure out. I love shopping for other people! It’s so fun to try to find a meaningful gift to give them.

ten. Science is killing me. Seriously, who wants to find out the chances of  having a blue-eyed blonde if you and your husband are both brown-eyed. Uh, not me. Genetics must not be my favorite subject!


{p.s. Like the snow? It’s an annual WordPress treat}


One response to “10 things

  1. Love the snow! It’s seventy degrees here again. 😦 Sure doesn’t feel like Christmas! I have like maybe 5% of my Christmas shopping done so good for you! You should post a picture of you and Karis in braids!

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