I journal for this

I’ve been journaling off and on for almost 6 years. Of course, the content of those journals have changed over the years as I’ve grown up and my thoughts have changed slightly :).

Today I was reading excerpts of my old journals to my family. The entries were from times when Kevin was a baby and I was the only girl. I remember reading Anne Frank and deciding I would keep a diary that would be published for the world to see someday. That was why I journaled. My reasons have changed a little 🙂 , but my dream of people seeing what my 7-year-old life was like has come true, at least a little.

My family and I laughed together today as I read about the important things happening in my life; glasses, school, reading, playing, and more reading, and more playing! (I think all I did then was play and read.)

Anyway, all that to say, I thought I would share some of my more humorous entries with you. I’ll try to guestimate a date for the entries, but it might be a little sketchy!

One note, this is exactly how I wrote it, cross outs, punctuation, misspellings and all. Italics are explanations, you’ll need them!


Decemer 9 (2005)

It is cold. I have a little bit of a cold. We have all our Christmas decarations up. I have all my presents ready. Crandpa & Grandma our are come for Christmas. it has snowed and the ground is covered. Mom just had a birthday, and Kyle’s is coming. I am learning to be meek and like the woman in Proverbs 31:2b she opens her mouth with wisdom and on her toune is the law of kindness


Jan. 26 (2006)

got up had breakfast played k nexs with Chris and Kyle did school stopped for lunch finished scool in about 2 and a half hours. Mom woke up then we played wagon in Chris’es bed. Grandma Logan called. played more wagon stopped for supper. I found Mom skrap srap booking [.] skap scrapbooked with her while boys played upstairs. Kevin got down so we let him watch a movie the boys (Chris & Kyle)  heard and came down to watch. I got two pages (scrapbook pages) done. had Bible Time went to bed.


Feb. 3 (2006)

got up had breakfast [.] Dad hauled some salt downstairs. before he left he gave me candy to split during school. played with a model (some kind of 3D block of wood with tiny trees on it) Dad brought home. started school got almost all done before lunch. after lunch finished school. read. Then skrapbooked. Played in Chris’es bed. looked at skrapbook. read read read read read. scrubbed potatoses. had supper after listening to a bible story tape played with Chris and Kyle in Chris’es bed. had bible time cleaned my room snuggled with Mom. wrote this entry. Went to bed.


Feb. 13 (2006) 

got up had breakfast did my jobs. started school. school and school. it was very tiring (haha). then we had a yummy lunch of sandwiches, applesause, and doritoes. I read, made a box. did school. when me and Chris had just started Sience Dad called so of course we talked to him. then after we chatted we finished school. Mom woke up right before we finished spelling so she gave us our pretest (first spelling test in week.)…….


2/4/6 (wrong date, I think I meant 3/4/6)

I got up and had breakfast started school after reading for about an hour (since moday we’re going to the eyedocter) we did school until lunch. had lunch. and sat on my bed (???) then read all afternoon exept before I read I made meat w/ cheese sandwitches. I read for about half an hour………


/7/06 Mar. 7 2006

got up (at about six.) and had breakfast. then I went and got and cleaned my room. then read Anne Frank, young daires (diaries). then did school. school till lunch. then I read more of Anne Frank. then finished school | (not sure why the line is there) then played had supper cleaned after shower then played uno (card game) and went two bed.


(no idea what the date is here)

we’re having a egg hunt with Ellen and Jameses family (neighborhood friends) weplayed outside like four hours fun!! itwassonice! Today I leurned I should embrace wisdom. I am trying to. we visited the Martins. I sure hope their baby is agirl! I wish I hadadoor look!


(Then Karis came into my life :))

March 13 (too lazy to figure out the year, 2008?)

Mom is ecpecting and we are going on a trip.


(I have a sister!)

June 10

Today we put the crib up and moved my room around. yesterday we started school! I have a baby sister!!!!!!! Its been a good day!!



I am so impatiant. I mean I can’t wait for my sister. Mom + Dad won’t tell me the name But they said it starts with the c/k sound. We have everything ready for her exept for diaper[s].


Hope you enjoyed that! It had me in stitches the whole time I read it!



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  1. Haha, I love “potatoses.” 😉

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