Read a book?

“Please read me a book. Please. I realllllllllly love you!”

“I don’t have time. I have five pages of words to memorize. When you wake up. Maybe. I love you.”

*Door shuts*

I should have read it to her. I should have forgotten the science terms and snuggled and read her Crusty the Crab. She won’t be three forever. Soon she’ll be buried in books all the time, reading by herself. I won’t get the chance to read to her anymore. I want to grab these moments while they last and accept as many as she’ll offer.  I want to invest time in her and let her know I value her more than science tests. Even though there is a time for science when I need to say no, that wasn’t the case this time. And I said no anyway. I wish I hadn’t, but I can still fix that.

I’ll give you three guesses as to what I’ll be doing when she wakes up 🙂


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