the sun is setting

Isn’t true that when we know something is ending we cherish it more. Unless it’s math, then you get a whole different feeling. But I’m talking about something you love. You look for the little reasons you love it, and try to cram as much of it in as you can till it’s over. Now you may be getting the picture of the perfect brownie mix that’s going to be discontinued at your favorite store, but I’m thinking more a chapter of life.

The chapter of life I’ve been in is setting too, Lord willing. Dad’s getting ready for his doctorate and we’ll most likely be moving into a different, far-away state. Jumping into a new chapter of life, full of surprises. And as happy as I am that Dad has this opportunity and is moving ahead in the direction he believes God has called him, I’ll miss my life here. I’ve gotten to know good friends, and been living here and putting down roots for over six years! So I’m determined to enjoy this sunset, and cherish the little ways of life in Minnesota much more than I have been. It’s been a good chapter, and I’m looking forward to the next!

And even if you’re still in the middle of this chapter of life, cherish it! It won’t last forever!



One response to “the sun is setting

  1. I know exactly how you feel. 😉

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