“It’s nice to feel needed” Polly, in Anne of Avonlea

Polly, an old maid who cares for her mother, walks down a lane full of red leaved oak trees to give Anne a dress she borrowed to wear to the first party she’d gone to in decades. (run on?) She’s had a delightful day, very unusual because her mother makes life difficult for her, and she describes it in full detail. Then at the end when she’s lamenting the fact that she had to come back her faces suddenly brightens and she tells Anne, “But it’s nice to feel needed, isn’t it!”


I totally agree with her! The night I came home Karis was sick and I was holding her at 11 p.m. as she sobbed and sniffled. And I decided it was very nice to feel needed, even if that means holding howling little girls while they slobber all over you and can’t quite make out what’s wrong.

What about you, do you like to feel needed?


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