My life

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my life. Like, my normal, everyday, boring life. And I have this nice blank page in front of me to fill up (Thank you WordPress for the “distraction free” drafting option!).

So, I finished school a while ago. And guess what I’m doing now? If you guessed doing nothing you’re wrong. Because I can’t stand being bored. (My Grandma should know, I spent two weeks with her and she heard a lot of “I’m bored, is there anything I can work on?”) So, guess again. Did you guess summer school? You’re right.

I jumped right into 9th grade. High school! It’s really scary to think that I’m thirteen and only have four grades left! So I started Algebra 1, I’m just about to start Biology (and dissecting (yuck!)), and hopefully will be starting a language soon! And it’s just enough to keep me busy for the morning so I can work on other things the rest of the day, like exercising, working on things that need to be done for our churches VBS this year, blogging, and of course, taking pictures.

Here is something like what my day has looked like the past few weeks   I want my day to look like, but we all know that never happens right?

5:30 (It did happen a couple of times!) Get up/ Aerobics (If I’m diligent enough, otherwise I sleep in)

6:00 Quiet time

7:15 Watch math lesson/ start math

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Morning jobs

9:00 Piano

9:30 Flute

10:00 Finish math

11:00 Science

11:45 Lunch

That was very rough and I think I only followed it in that order once, but you get the idea. And after lunch things happen differently every single day, so I left that up to your imagination. And hopefully we’ll add language in there soon.

And then lastly, just wanted to say how much I LOVE the new distraction free writing mode. Seriously, look at the difference!

Above is the normal writing mode. Talk about distracting! Part of why I didn’t like WordPress.

It’s made me much more fond of WordPress, and actually made me feel like writing!

So, my summer is looking wonderful and productive, and I hope it will stay that way!


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