I wish computers had the ability to give out smells. Maybe some day they will! But for now, I’ll share pictures and describe the smell instead.

The first is lilacs

If you haven’t smelled lilacs you need to find some. Unless you are allergic to them, like I am.  But I like them way too much to think about allergies.

The second is homemade granola while it’s still steamy from the crockpot

This stuff smells heavenly! Hot and steamy and cinnamony (I made that word up) with some oatmeal scent mixed in, and a little bit of honey. Yum!

Third is the soap we got from a friend. Blueberry. Whenever someone washed their hands the kitchen smells like a field of blueberry bushes!

The name sums it up: fresh picked blueberries.

And last but not least, because this could possibly be my favorite scent today: crabapple blossoms

If you don’t have a crabapple tree in your yard find someone who does and take a big smell, and bottle some up for when the blossoms are gone, because it smells sooooo good!


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