Waking Up

The sun peeks through our curtain. The light, tinted pink by the translucent material, chases away the shadows that love to congregate in the bottom bunk. As the birds start vocalizing their cheerfulness, I wake up. Glancing at the clock I see the fluorescent digits; 6:30. Carefully turning my head I see with satisfaction that the tousled head of my two-year-old sister is still gently bobbing up and down as she sleeps. I try to roll out of bed without waking her up. But my plan fails as the bed creaks and I hear her sigh, turn over and stretch. Though disappointed, I turn over and wrap my arms around her sweaty little body. We curl up together and snuggle. After a while she sleepily questions “Can I wake up?” I nod my head in affirmation and she eagerly climbs over me onto the floor. I look at the clock again; 6:41. Ten minutes well spent.


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