I love Karis! She’s always saying adorably cute things. And since I’m going South Carolina in 1 day {!@$^%^*%^%$#@#$%&*)(*&^%$@#} I’ve been hanging on to these and trying to stuff them into a box so I can have them for the two weeks I’m going to be gone.  But it made me think; why don’t I always savor the sweet things she whispers or to me, or the welcome she gives me when I come home? Maybe because I’m taking for granted that she is there and not remembering that I’ve already had her for two/half years and the Lord may see fit at anytime to take her. I want to hang onto these moments all the time. Not just when I know I’m going to be gone and miss them. So I want to be conscious, grateful, and never take for granted.


One response to “Savoring

  1. Katherina

    Great post! It’s helps to just stop and think a moment in the middle of everything. Have a safe flight!

    Btw, I L-O-V-E your blog makeover!!!! It’s bright, but classy.

    Love ya

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