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King Alfred the Great’s Accomplishments
King Alfred was a extremely accomplished man. As a boy he learned to read in a single week! His mother showed Alfred and his brothers a beautiful book. She told them that whoever  could read it best by the end of a week would win it. Alfred found a tutor and at the end of the  week he won the prize. After that week he loved to read. Throughout his whole life he kept that  love and read whenever he could. In Alfred’s early reign the Vikings terrorized the entire country by raiding and sacking  villages, monasteries, and churches. He gathered a large band of men and defeated them, forcing  them to accept baptism and be under his rule. Then he set about rebuilding his tattered country  with the help of his nobles.  Charlemagne was Alfred’s hero as an adult; he admired him tremendously and sought to be like him in many ways. They also loved and strove for many identical goals; one of these  goals was education. He reestablished monastery and public schools that the Vikings had  destroyed. He also trained many teachers to help rich and poor alike learn.  Alfred helped many  people to love education. Though he had many faults King Alfred is a great example of initiative and ambition. He  is the greatest king ever to be on the English throne; during his reign the title Great was given to  him- and he is the only English king yet to wear it.

Wow, I wrote this a long time ago!!!!


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