Have You Ever Thought About How Much Your Background Affects You?

Have you ever thought of how much your background affects you? I grew up in a Christian family. My parents loved God and always taught me to obey Him. I was very young when I learned that the Bible said that I was a sinner.

But I don’t think I understood the extent of my sin. I tried to be good and please my parents, but I wasn’t really trying to please God. I just knew that Mom and Dad would be disappointed if I wasn’t. Plus, my Dad was a pastor so I kind of felt a need to live up my place as the pastor’s daughter. Even when I did get into mischief. I only was sorry that I had gotten myself in trouble, not that I had grieved God.

Since then, God has shown me through teaching & my own study of His Word, that when I disobeyed my parents I was guilty of more than just disobeying my parents. I was guilty of sinning against a holy God. The same God that created me and keeps me alive. He has complete control over everything that happens to me. Since the Bible showed me that the punishment for sin is death I was headed for an eternity in hell, a place of torment that lasts forever.

But thankfully the Bible doesn’t stop there. God loved us so much that he sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us so we could be saved from that punishment. He came down and humbled himself by becoming a man, living a sinless life on earth, dying on a cross, and rising again three days later. Since Jesus lived a sinless life he could become the payment for my sin. All I had to do was accept that payment by putting my faith in Him alone.

When I did put my faith in Christ alone, God no longer saw me as a
sinner because Jesus’ payment had paid for my sins. I no longer need to fear the punishment that was coming for me because God forgave my sins and when I die I will be with him in heaven forever.

But putting my faith in Christ does not mean I never sin, because I still do! I hurt my brother, get angry at my family, tease my sister, I could list things off all day! The difference is, now I am sorrowful that I have sinned against a holy God. And this time I have hope because if I ask Jesus to forgive me he will!

I loved going to church when I was little, it was fun to see my friends and lots of people I knew, but now I love to go to church because I get to fellowship and worship with other believers!

Even though my background might be complete different than yours, you can be in God’s family too! Would you like to know how? Just let me know!



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