A Goal or an Idol? {1.4}

Her Dad nodded, looking confused, and Alyssa ran upstairs to her bed. She knelt down and asked God to help her decide what to do about this new problem. A couple of minutes later she got up and dialed Aunt Z’s number.  After some earnest conversation she picked up her birthday envelope and walked downstairs again.

“You guys, I think the Lord has already provided the money!” she said as her family looked at her.  Alyssa gave the envelope to Mr. Sunton who opened it and looked at the check inside.

“Alyssa!” he looked at her in disbelief. “Do you know how much this is?  Where did you get this?”

As the rest of the family stared at Alyssa in confusion something suddenly dawned on him.

“Did Aunt Z. give this to you as a birthday present so you could go to school?” He looked at her intently.

“It’s yours Dad, for the business.” Alyssa stammered, looking down.

“Then Aunt Z. did give it to you didn’t she?” Mrs. Sunton declared.

“Yes,” Alyssa reluctantly answered. “she did, but I want you to have it so that we can start our business. I’d love to be the secretary and I have lots of experience with cleaning houses!” she continued, looking excited to be able to help, rather than hinder, her family’s plans.

“No!” James Sunton looked determined as he handed the envelope back to his daughter. “You were given this for art school and we’ll do just fine without you. God will provide the funds, I’m sure of it.”

“But Dad, you don’t understand. I already talked to Aunt Z. and she agreed that this would be a wonderful use of the money. I’m staying here.” Alyssa pushed the envelope back at her father and sat down.  John and Carson looked at each other in amazement, this was not the sister they knew! But they sure wouldn’t mind the change! After thanking the Lord for provided the money so quickly they started planning the Sunton Family Business in earnest.

Several weeks later, school had started and their cleaning business was in full swing. Alyssa was finishing her math work by the phone so that, as the secretary, she would be able to answer any calls that came for their cleaning business. After a couple of minutes the phone did ring and Alyssa answered it confidently.

“This is the Sunton Family Cleaning Service, can I help you?” After confirming the date for some  work she hung up and recorded it on her open laptop.

“Oh Lord,” she prayed. “I love this job so much! Thank you for changing my life! I haven’t regretted my decisions once! I know for sure that following Your leading and staying home to help my family is the best thing I’ve ever done.”



One response to “A Goal or an Idol? {1.4}

  1. Charity

    Terrific story, Katelyn! Keep writing!

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