A Goal or an Idol? {1.2}

That evening at supper Alyssa was bursting with excitement. She couldn’t wait to tell her family about Aunt Z.’s gift. But her dad spoke first.

“Kids, I have something really exciting to tell you. We’re going to start a family business!” He smiled as he saw the looks on his children’s faces.

“How are we going to do it Dad? I mean, school’s starting in a week and a half!” Carson looked confused.

“What are we going to sell?”

“Are we all going to work in it?” The questions flew thick and fast until Dad asked for quiet.

“We still need to decide exactly what we are going to offer. Your mother and I think it will probably be something like cleaning people’s houses and businesses. Or we might offer to do peoples taxes. We still need to decide that. All of us will be working together. I was thinking of Alyssa being the secretary, and us men doing the hard work, with the girls helping clean.”  Carson and John beamed at the word men. They knew they would like this. “You guys will be home-schooled so that we have more time to work.”

Now the kids gasped again!

“Home-schooled? That sounds fun, like we do all our work by ourselves?” asked John.

“We’ll see about that,” Dad answered, looking at the excited faces around him.”The only problem,” now he looked serious again. “is the fact that we’ll need to invest quite a bit in this, and we have no money to do it with. Your Mom and I want to avoid borrowing at all cost so we’re going to have to work hard to find enough to start our business. But we’ll pray, and I’m sure the Lord will provide. What do you think Alyssa?”

At the time, Alyssa had hundreds of things running through her head. “Dad, could I be excused for a minute, I need to call somebody really quickly.”



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