A Goal or an Idol {1.0}

“Why?  Why? Why? Dad must be able to earn something! They all think it’s my fault!” After about an hour of sobbing and thinking about how mean and unkind everyone was to her she finally sat up and looked around. She saw her large easel, the desk, her laptop, the purple curtains and bedspread. She sat looking at everything in her room, imagining life without them. When the drawer of her desk in which she kept her money caught her eye, she couldn’t stop staring.

What if they were right!  What if it really was her fault that they were about to lose their house! What if she really had been selfish and rude? She had always rejected these thoughts whenever they were brought up, but now she couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of her being wrong. Finally she could bear it no longer. Alyssa knelt down beside her bed and started praying.

“O Lord, it’s true! I have been selfish and rude. My dream of going to school is an idol in my life! It is my fault that we’re facing foreclosure! God, what can I do to get out of this mess? I want to be an artist, and they promised they would save the money. They promised!”  After a long time of battling her desires and bringing her doubts to the Lord she finally got up and sat down at her desk. She knew what she needed to do. After pulling out her checkbook, which was the only thing in her money drawer since she had just taken a trip to the bank, she quickly wrote something down. Getting on her knees again she put the check on the bed and said.

“Lord, this is every bit of my money, 985 dollars! I’ve worked so hard to earn this! God, I’m giving it to you, and I know what you want me to do with it. Thank you for showing me the truth.”



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