A Goal or an Idol {0.07}

Later that afternoon while mixing paints with  Aunt Zera, Alyssa decided not to mention her dad’s job situation, instead she complained about how long it was taking to earn enough to satisfy her parents.

“They just want me to stay home longer! I wish they were paying for more of it. Really, they’ve got a lot saved for it,” she commented. Mixing blue and red to create her favorite color.

Aunt Z. thought a moment and then replied.

“I think you should respect your parents decision, you know they’re doing this for your good!  I’m sure it is taking a long time to earn that much and I know from experience it takes a lot of work to earn $2,000 dollars!” Aunt Z. finished shading in the wall of the house she was painting and then turned to Alyssa.

“It’s 4:30 already! Why don’t you call and ask your parents if you can stay for supper. Then we can talk a little more.”

That evening Alyssa finally broke the news of her dad’s lay-off to Aunt Z.

“Oh dear. That’s terrible!” Aunt Zera said looking very concerned.

“Uh huh,” Alyssa said, finishing a bite of pasta salad. “But it won’t keep me from going to art school, they’re still going to save the money. They have to!”

Aunt Z. looked a little disappointed about Alyssa’s statement but said nothing. When they got back to the Sunton home Alyssa ran up to her room to hang up her painting and bring down another one to show Aunt Z, but as she walked down the stairs she stopped and listened for a minute.  Her mom was talking to Aunt Z. and Alyssa didn’t think they’d like the interruption.



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