A Goal or an Idol? {0.6}

The next day Mr. Sunton left for work at 7:30, and Susanna went out to run some errands. Alyssa took a shower and got ready for the day. Each Tuesday she cleaned an older couple’s house. When she returned home holding $30 dollars, she noticed her Mom and brothers sitting in the family room. When she reached the door she started in surprise. There was her father sitting with his head hanging.

“What happened? Why are you home so early Dad?” Alyssa questioned, looking very confused.

Her dad looked up and told her, “I was laid off today, Alyssa. They don’t need me any more.”


“Really? Well, I hope this doesn’t mess up my plan to go to art school. I’m sure it won’t though. You are going to keep your promise, right?” Alyssa hardly looked concerned about anything but her future as an artist.


“How could you be so uncaring Lyss?” John spoke up, “Who cares about your old art school? We have to buy food and stuff like that!”


“They promised John! I’m sure they won’t want to break their word.” She stomped up to her room to get ready for her art lesson.



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