A Goal or an Idol? {0.4}

She spotted a family that she knew who were headed towards their car. Hurrying over she asked if they could give her a lift home.  Amazingly they did have an extra seat.

“I’ll run over and tell my Dad.  Thanks so much!” Alyssa told them. Then she started walking over to Mr. Sunton, but he saw her and waved goodbye.

On the way to her house Alyssa was asked to babysit for them again!

“Wow, I really scored on that one!” Alyssa thought as she unlocked the door. “I got a ride home and a babysitting job!”

She baked her cookies, worked on the computer, and was reading a book when her family came home much later that afternoon.

That Monday a lady who worked with her Dad called and asked if Alyssa could watch over a poodle while she was out of town.

“I’d love too, but let me check with my Mom first though. I’ll call you back, OK?” Alyssa ran to find her Mom.

“Hey Mom,” she said, finding her in the kitchen “a lady from Dad’s work asked if I could watch over her dog for the rest of the week. That’s OK, right?”


“A dog? That’s the last thing I want in my house for the rest of the week! I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to say no.” Mrs. Sunton looked upset.


“But Mom, I told her I would!” Alyssa didn’t want to say that she hadn’t confirmed it yet, and so left the rest unsaid.

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to tell her I said you can’t, I’m sure she’ll understand! That’s the end of the conversation, all right?”


“Mom! I’m telling her I will anyway!” Alyssa stomped off to stew over the argument in her room.



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