A Goal or an Idol? {0.3}

On the way to the picnic everyone was chattering about what they were going to do, and what their favorite thing would be. That is, everyone but Alyssa, she didn’t feel like talking about it.

“Why are you so quiet Lyssa?” John asked


“I’m just thinking.” Alyssa told him.


“Pastor Stuart asked her to help with the kid’s games this afternoon. Isn’t that cool?” Dad joined in the conversation.


“Cool?” Carson exclaimed “why, we’ll never get to play football if Lyssa’s in charge of the games. We’ll play every other game but football! And she’ll boss us around the whole entire time! There goes any fun this afternoon!”


“Carson! I would not-” Alyssa shouted back, but Mr. Sunton intervened.


“Carson, don’t say that about your sister, I think she’ll do a fine job. I’d much rather have her do it than let you handle it. Anyway, I think Pastor Stuart’s picking out the games. He loves football.”

Just then they pulled into the parking lot and headed towards the picnic area. It turned out the boys did get to play football, and Alyssa took charge over a few simple games.  After they’d eaten lunch she went over to her Dad.

“Dad, how much longer do you plan on staying. I have some important things to get done at home.”


“Well, the rest of the family won’t want to go now, so I think we’re going to stay a awhile longer. Maybe someone else is heading out now and can take you. If you find someone just let me know.”


“Tell me when you’re ready to go.” Alyssa commented. She walked away to try to find someone who was leaving.



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