A Goal or an Idol? {0.2}

“I was planning on it. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  I thought you would enjoy going!” Dad answered, sounding a little disappointed. Nobody said anything else on the subject, and they quickly finished supper.

After supper Carson and John disappeared into their room, where the walls were covered with posters of football stars and the trophies they’d won. Everyone knew that the boys were going to work on the pretend game plays they loved making up. Dad went to the family room to watch TV and Mom started cleaning up from supper. Alyssa went up to her room to email Aunt Z. Her fun Aunt, who was an artist too, had red hair and an outgoing personality. Alyssa adored her and spent hours talking, emailing, and calling her. They loved to plan her future as an artist too. Her parents had told Alyssa that if she saved up half of the money she would need for her tuition, she could go to a special school that trained artists! It was Alyssa’s dream to become a world famous artist and she was earning money as fast as she could, but it still was taking a long time!

That Sunday, they went to their large church a little earlier than usual so that Mrs. Sunton would have time to get her choir music out of the rehearsal room before Sunday School started. Afterwards, during the main worship service, Alyssa tryed to keep her mind on the sermon, but kept thinking how much she could be doing right now that would be much more profitable, at least in her mind. After the service she stood in the lobby and waited for her parents to be done talking. Every so often, through the crowds of people, she caught a glimpse of her brothers laughing and talking to all their friends.

“They’re probably planning their game for the picnic,” Alyssa mused, “They have so many friends that are just their age. I wish I had some friends my age. Even Aunt Z. isn’t here today!”

Though there were many girls around her age, Alyssa didn’t feel like she fit in their group, so she kept her distance. The last time she had tried to make friends with a couple of them, the girls had gone and told every thing she told them to the rest of the group. Ever since that experience Alyssa just stood in the lobby until her family was ready to go.

As she was thinking about all this, Pastor Stuart walked up to her. At first, Alyssa didn’t think he was talking to her, but she quickly realized the fact once he said her name.

“Hi Alyssa! I had a question for you.” Pastor asked.

“For me?” Alyssa wondered what her pastor could possibly have to ask her, “Um, sure, what do you want?”

“I think you know that we’re having a picnic this afternoon, right?”

“Yeah, my Dad told me.” Alyssa answered.

“We have some games planned for the kids and I need someone to keep them organized. I thought you would be perfect for the job. Is that OK, will you be there?”

“Um, sure, I’ll help with that.” Alyssa stammered. How in the world could she have said ‘no’ to the Pastor? Now she definitely wouldn’t be baking any cookies this afternoon!

“Great! I thought you’d like to do that!” Pastor Stuart smiled and then strode away.

Alyssa’s Dad came over after he walked away.

“What were you two talking about?” he asked her, “I haven’t seen you talk to Pastor Stuart before.”

“He just had a question to ask me. He wanted to know if I could head up the kids games at the picnic this afternoon.”

“Did you agree?” Mr. Sunton questioned.

“Of course I did!” Alyssa answered, “Even though I don’t know any of them.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s time to go now anyway.” Dad replied and then strode off to find the twins.


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