Time, and what we do with it

Only 24 hours. ONLY 24 hours.  but think about it.

24 whole hours!

We have 10 x 2 + 4. That’s quite a bit.

If there are 60 minutes is an hour and 60 seconds in a minute; that’s 86,400 seconds every single day. 365 days in a year is 31,536,000 seconds. That’s a ton of seconds and we waste a lot  of them.

In a typical 24 hour day I would do this:

sleep:  8 hours

meals: 3 hours

shower: 30 minutes

school: 4 or 5 hours

music: 1 hour

Time w/ God: 45 minutes

computer: personal and other: 1 hour

reading: 1 hour

That’s about 20 hours all together. Which means I’ve got four hours to spare, even though most days those get filled up, but what do I fill them up with?


That’s the real question!



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