Snow (extreme)

Snow, in the extreme. Yep, we got about a three feet of snow, and the wind blew it into 4 foots drifts!

So anyway, we were shoveling. (We earned 70 bucks today) and as we’re about halfway down this big driveway, it’s a big driveway. So we were finally feeling like we were making progress and guess what decided to drive down the un-plowed road. A higantic, gumungus snow plow. So of course we know what’s coming, we stop working and just stare at the guy. He just calmly looks at us and dumps 10 feet of snow on the end of the driveway. Really. It took us about an extra 45 minutes to shovel it all. And now we had to shovel about 4 feet of road too! But we finished it, and walked home on the nicely plowed road.

They need to find a new way to plow snow.


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