A Polished Cornerstone #8

Chapter 8 is a very practical chapter. It’s about the blessings of wisdom. Solomon is describing a scene to us in this chapter. It’s about wisdom, who is portrayed as a women. She is calling to everyone on earth. She tells them that she will not lie, and that she will help the simple to become wise. She also tells them that wisdom is better than jewels and gold. She goes on like this for the rest of the chapter. Here’s my wise dealings list

  • Wisdom speaks noble things
  • The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil
  • Those who are wise will be blessed
  • All who hate wisdom love death

That’s only a few of the many truths in there! I love the poetic language of the Proverbs. You could just say, “the foolish will die.”  But instead, Proverbs says, “All who hate wisdom love death.” It’s so cool!



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