The Erie Canal

This week we’re learning about the Erie Canal. I think the most interesting thing I learned was the story about a man who had his outhouse washed away from a flood on the Erie Canal. He sued the people in charge of that because of this: He lent out farm equipment and other tools to farmers in the area on credit. The only record he kept of these transactions was by scribbling them on the privy wall! He sued them $2,000 because he claimed that without the proof of how much his borrowers  owed (which had gotten washed away with the outhouse) he could not collect from them all of the 2,000 dollars they owed! Wow!


5 responses to “The Erie Canal

  1. Mrs. Harrell

    Oh, no! Now I have that Erie Canal song going through my head again. I found it interesting that a man named Clinton thought up the Erie Canal. Most of the big cities in NY still lie on the canal.

  2. What a funny way of keeping business records! So, did he win his lawsuit?
    The Erie Canal song

  3. Jen

    And that’s exactly what I like about history – not the names and dates, but the cause and effect of history, even if it is a story about a privy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story! 🙂

  4. How interesting. Did he get his money?

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