Polished Cornerstone part 5

I haven’t posted one of these for a while!

Chapter 5, this is going quickly!
In this chapter Solomon is warning his son not to be friends with, spend time with, or love a wicked woman.  Why? because her path leads to death! Here’s my wise dealings list

  • Listen to your dad’s wisdom and instruction (Mom has good things to say too)
  • Guard knowledge
  • Don’t trust a wicked women, even though she will seem to be nice, her way leads to death
  • Listen to wise teachers (parents, pastor, other godly people)They will direct you in the right way
  • Ponder your path: (watch where you’re going) God can see everything you do and think!
  • Don’t lack discipline, those who do are wicked!

Listen to my parents wisdom! That is imperative! That is the instruction I’m going to remember today!



One response to “Polished Cornerstone part 5

  1. That sounds like a wise lesson to learn!
    Sometimes I think of it like this: Sin is like poisoned candy, because it looks so good on the outside, but if you swallow it, it will kill you. Wisdom, on the other hand, often looks hard and bitter on the outside, but when you swallow it and make it part of your life, then you find out how sweet it really is.

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