Paragraph for Grammar

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On Sunday we were riding back from church and had to slow down all of a sudden, even though it was a back road! When we had gotten closer to what was blocking the road we saw that it was a motorcycle accident! There were many police cars and people who had stopped to help. We saw the motorcycle, all smashed and dented, sitting on the side of the road. We also saw a car that was damaged too. But then we caught sight of officers and doctors kneeling by a man, the cycler! He was alive, but he was very injured, and it looked like he had broken his neck! Then, as we drove past the scene towards home we saw many more emergency vehicles coming to help. It reminded us how fragile life is, and how blessed we are to still be living!


2 responses to “Paragraph for Grammar

  1. Oh, my! In a “fight” between a motorcycle and a car, the cyclist is in trouble. May God be with him, and the car driver, too!

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