Polished Cornerstone: part 4

Chapter 4 today, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in this chapter, I’m going it read it now.Wow, there is a lot of instructions in these chapters! I’m going to make a list of the “Do this” instructions, and the “Don’t do this” instructions.

Do This

❁ Hear your father’s instruction, Hold fast to his words (remember them),Keep his commandments: this is pretty much the same thing said three different ways

❁ Get wisdom and insight

❁ Love her (wisdom), prize her highly

❁ Keep hold of instruction

❁ Avoid the path of the wicked

❁ Listen, be attentive, and keep hold of my words

❁ Keep your heart with all diligence

❁ Put away from your crooked speech (dishonest, not straight-forward, not forthright)

❁ Ponder where the path of your feet (where you are going)

Here’s the “Do not Do” list

❁ Don’t forsake you father’s teaching

❁ Don’t forsake wisdom

❁ Do not enter the path of the wicked

❁ Don’t let go of instruction

❁ Do not let go of your father’s words

❁ Do not swerve to the right or the left (stay on the right path)

Wow, these lists are very parallel! They are almost the same thing!The command I’m going to take with me today is, “Put away from you crooked speech”I really need to work on that one!


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