Uggg, we have lots of hornets, actually, we’re not sure what they are, but they sting and they are yellow and black :), not a pretty sight in your house! Anyway, they’re all over our basement, and recently have been crawling under the basement door into our main floor! Ugg! Mom and I have both been stung, and, our laundry is piling up- very quickly! Dad tried to seal up any entrances, but he blocked up the exit, so they’re all inside now, so we are going to have to call somebody to get rid of it!

We made a trap with apple juice concentrate, and we’ve gotten like 200 bees in them and just as many flying around! We’re surviving though, and are thankful they’re in the basement only, at  least, for right now 🙂


4 responses to “Bzzzzzzzzz

  1. Oh, yuck! Those sound ever so much worse than the ladybugs I was complaining about this spring. 😛 I hope you get rid of them soon!

  2. Twilie

    That sounds awful!!!!

  3. For your Dad, this must seem like deja vu al over again! When he was a teenager living on Pearl Street, we had a yellow jacket nest in the basement hidden between the floor joists above the ceiling tile! They would get confused and, instead of going out to forage thru their entrance hole, they would wander into the laundry room and his room, which was in the basement, too. Grandma would zap them with spray starch when she did the ironing (in the basement)! It took a second exterminator to finally find and zap the hive! But we never got stung, fortunately.

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