Karis escapes!

Two nights ago Karis climbed out of her crib, while alone in bed!

I put an exclamation point there because now I’m gonna start training her into her big bed, speaking of that:

I put her in her bottom bunk, I was on top, she was laying there really well, thinking this was all one big joke =)

And then she climbs out one side of it onto the top of her changing table and up to my top bunk!

Boy did she think it was great when I turned around!


3 responses to “Karis escapes!

  1. It’s a terrible picture though 🙂

  2. The pic is still cute, even if it doesn’t have the best lighting, and at least it’s not to blurry.

    That’s funny about the bunk-bed :D, cute story ^.^

  3. Twilie

    Ha, Ha. Tell Karis high five for me. 😀 I like your theme!

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