I just finished spray painting, assembling, and moving in new bunk beds. What a chore! It took 6 cans of spray paint and lots of patience to paint it. It took Chris and  I around 3 hours to put it up. It took Mom two hours to get new mattresses. Whew!  That was a lot of work! but it’s done and completed and now I have new bunkbeds! Praise the Lord it only took me, (prepare to be amazed ;)), three days! And Wednesday I didn’t do much with them! So, it was worth it, maybe, and now to train Karis to sleep in the bottom bunk so I can get rid of the crib and have a desk in there… but that’ll take a while! 🙂


3 responses to “Bunkbeds!

  1. That does sound like lots of work. It is amazing how some furniture just seems to eat paint and it takes forever to get a decent coat applied.

    God Bless you in your walk.

  2. Mrs. Oseid


    I commend you for taking on such big projects at this age. It will help you greatly in the future.

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