The Peacemaker: Chapter Two

This chapter is entitled: “Live at Peace.”  Mr. Sande begins the chapter by giving, “The Three Dimensions of Peace”

Peace With God: “Peace with God does not come automatically. ”

Peace With Others: “In addition to giving you peace with God, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross opened the way for you to enjoy peace with other people.”

Peace Within Yourself: “Through Jesus you can also experience genuine peace within yourself.”

“God loves peace. From Genesis to Revelation He communicates a deep desire to bless His people with peace and to use them to bring peace to others.” ~Ken Sande

The author also talks about the enemy of peace: Satan, which means “adversary.”  We need to be aware of Satan’s goals so that we will not be led astray from peace.

I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter: I find if I don’t write the review before I start the next chapter I can’t remember everything very well, but it sure is hard not to start the next chapter! I can’t wait for chapter three!


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