The Peacemaker: Chapter 1

In this chapter Ken Sande shows us the options you have in a conflict. He drew a chart called the “Slippery Slope” that showed the options, I will just try to describe it to you.

Escape Responses                                                                                Peacemaking Responses                                                                            Attack Responses

Suicide –  Flight –  Denial          Overlook – Reconciliation – Negotiation – Mediation – Arbitration – Accountability          Assault –    Litigation – Murder

Think of this as the options you have when facing a conflict. Suicide and murder are obviously the extremes. He looks at each of them and then focuses on the peace making responses

Though it takes him a lot of pages I’ll just let you read the book and find it out yourself :). I will give you the tips and processes that will help me in peacemaking.

Conflict Provides Opportunities!                          In Conflict you should:

Glorify God

Serve Others

Grow to be like Christ

He also gives: “The Four G’s of Peacemaking”

Glorify God: How can I please and honor God in this situation?

Get the log out of your own eye: How can I show Jesus’s work in me by taking responsibility for my contribution to this conflict?

Gently Restore: How can I serve others by helping take their responsibility for their contribution to this conflict?

Go and be Reconciled: How can I demonstrate the forgiveness of God and encourage a reasonable solution to this conflict?

That is only some of the content but it has some great ways to encouraging peace! I really encourage you to read this book!


One response to “The Peacemaker: Chapter 1

  1. meganbumgardner

    Katelyn, I have really been challenged by this chapter too! Especially the part about checking my own eye first. That really hurts, and I usually do have something hindering my sight. Love you, Mom

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