My story

this is made like a newspaper report… eventually it will go in a newspaper. (our own of course :))

King George III Imposing Intolerable Acts on Boston!
On June 1rst,King George imposed the yet another Intolerable Act. It is time for action! He has: forced us to house the Lobsterbacks, forbidden any town meetings without permission from his General Gage, allowed enemy officers to be tried back in Britain, and finally- closed Boston’s harbor, cutting us off from all necessities!!We must take action, but in order to take the action that is needed we must understand more thoroughly these terrible laws. The first of these acts is that the citizens of Boston may not call a town meeting, this is intolerable! We must be able to govern our city the way we wish, not the way a king across the ocean wants it to be. We need to call these meetings anyway, showing that we will not submit!  The second law this king is imposing on us, is the order that all British officers may be tried in Britain, where they will be judged guiltless! How can he expect us to submit to a king who is not just in how he judges crimes! We must not let these criminals be pronounced “Not guilty”! The third Intolerable Act is that all the overflow of these terrible Lobsterbacks, taking over our city, may be housed in our own citizens houses if there is not room in their own barracks! We can not let them take over our houses and family live! We must refuse to submit to this terrible law! The overflow of these unneeded British soldiers should be sent right back to Britain where they belong!  The last cruel law George has imposed upon us is the most terrible and destructive, he has shut up the harbor and trade ships, or any ships for that matter, may not go in or out for any reason! He has cut us off from all necessities and will starve us unless our fellow citizens of this country come to our aid. Please contribute any food, livestock, or provisions to help this country procure freedom and show King George we will not submit! So, one and all, harken to our cry of distress and help us procure freedom! If you would like to bring provisions or know of some other way to help us be free from the tyranny of King George please go to Samuel Harman, the second house on Freedom Street, Boston.


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