Cornstarch Goop

I always have thought cornstarch was weird but when I tried this combination I knew it was for me, why because I love things you can make in the kitchen that are weird, gloopy, squishy,etc, etc. 🙂  I read this idea in a magazine for parents with young kids, as a play idea for toddlers, but I loved it too 🙂

Cornstarch Goop

Mix some cornstarch, I used about a tablespoon to start with, and a little less water, together. I tried red food coloring but it did not turn out well ’cause it stained my fingers while I was playing with it.  when you mix it up it will look like really liquidy pudding  but when you touch it will feel solid! When you pick a “chunk” up it will kind of liquify and start dripping!

This stuff is so cool!


One response to “Cornstarch Goop

  1. It is actually obleck, goop is a rubbery solid. I did both in my science class.

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