He is Risen!

“He is Risen”

“He is risen indeed”

This is the greeting our church family greets each other with on Easter Sunday. Here is a story, somewhat modified ’cause I can not remember all of it, that goes along with the Easter greeting.

There was a communist leader in Russia, I forget his name and the date this took place but…, and he was going to preach against Christianity and promote atheism,  so he gets up in front of this huge crowd of people and preaches about atheism for about an hour, demoting Christianity and trying to disprove it. He looked at the people and then he asked if there were any questions, a man came up to a lectern for that purpose that was near him and looked at the crowd, first the left, then the right, then he shouted


In one solid mass the crowd rose and replied-


What a great story!


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