Sunday School Class

Today in Sunday School 6 kids were there, as usual, Kevin, Danny, Maddy, Noelle, Sammy, Isaiah. The Bible story was about Jesus healing the blind man by making mud and anointing his eyes. The boys loved that part 🙂 We cut out a strip that had the blind man’s closed eyes and than opened eyes to put in slits on their paper. The boys figured out how to make the man wink, much to the delight of them all, maybe I’ll post a picture of it sometime, it looks ridiculous! Here is a normal class schedule though it may be changing soon;

8:45   Class starts

Verse time~ everyone says their verse and then we say it together~ right now we are learning John 3:16-17

Bible story time~ every one sits down and Mrs. Osied reads the story~ usually it is partly out of the Bible and partly out of the lesson material.

Coloring time~ every one heads back to the table and we get out papers and crayons

Verse sticker time~ we hand out stickers to everyone who said their verse~ normally everybody 🙂

Then it is usually time to go~ recently we have been “playing the quiet contest” it helps them keep quiet while they rush out to the snacks 🙂

It is almost a new unit so that should bring some changes, I’m looking forward to them Mrs. Osied :), The next unit is on “Jesus, Salvation, and the Church”. Should be neat to see how God works in these little kid’s lives.


4 responses to “Sunday School Class

  1. It’s great experience helping teach a class. When you get a little older, maybe you can do workshops at retreats like Grandma does.

    Grandma says she learns more in presenting a workshop than attending one!

    How about an up-to-date picture of your Sunday school class?

    • Yes… Great idea, I’ll try to get one this Sunday, also, look out for a campfire post- with a bunch of great pics from the one we had tonight, also i did not have time to get a post up today, maybe tomorrow 🙂

  2. Mrs. Oseid

    Ahhh, yes, the winking. I’m always amazed that what could take weeks to occur to me about a project for our Sunday school class only takes the kids about 2 seconds to figure out and pretty soon the whole class has caught onto the idea. They are very creative.

    It’s fun to see the class through your eyes–I love to see your perspective on the class. I look forward to teaching with you in the weeks to come as we start our new unit of lessons.

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