My Sunday School Class

An outdated picture of my Sunday school class, Juddy and Sebastian have moved and several boys are not there.

This picture is of the Sunday School class I help teach. It is for 3 to 5 year olds, so, it needs two people =) Anyway, the kids who are usually in attendance are;

Noelle, Maddy, Kevin, Danny, Sammy, and Isaiah.

I help Mrs. Osied, who does a terrific job of teaching these little kids. She also gave me the idea for this weekly post, her blog is, “” She does a great job using it to edify others and I would encourage you to look at it.

I will probably post a normal class schedule next week, but right now I will just share a funny story from this week,

Maddy, who sometimes has  a hard time getting up to say her verses, was coming up to recite. Mrs. Osied told Noelle, Maddy’s best friend, to sit facing her and smile to encourage her. Then Mrs. Osied told her, Maddy, to “take it away”.  When Noelle’s turn came Maddy sat facing her and smiled too. Noelle marched up and said “Now I can give it away.” I figured out what she meant to say a minute later, she was copying what Mrs. Osied had said to Maddy “Ok, take it away” =)  We both had a laugh over that one.

I love working in the class and I’m looking forward to posting more about them.


2 responses to “My Sunday School Class

  1. Mrs. Oseid


    I’m going to enjoy these posts. It’s fun for me to see the class from your perspective. I look forward to your insights.

    You’re doing a great job with the blog!

  2. I’m glad you are keeping up with your postings; I always look forward to checking your blog for something new.

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