Treasures in the Snow By Patricia St. John

Treasures in the Snow

Treasures in the Snow , written by Patricia St. John, is a wonderful story of Christ’s love that can chase away all hatred, fear, and sadness. This book, one of the authors many, was published in 1950 and is a favorite of mine.  The story takes place above a little mountain village in Switzerland where there is always snow.  The main character is Annette Burnier and she lives in a little chalet above the village with her father, Monsieur Burnier, her Grandmother, and little brother Dani. Annette’s Father works hard to provide for his two children and her Grandmother cleans, cooks, and cares for the three of them. Dani is a baby whom  Annette was given by her mother, the night she died.             When Lucien, a neighbor boy, causes Dani to be crippled, Annette vows never to forgive him and seeks revenge. Lucien, who had already been disliked by all the children in school and in the village, was now rejected as a cruel, horrid boy who might harm a little child. He had always joined the crowd, but now he was excluded and a loner. Worst of all he hated every bit of it. To proud to ask forgiveness he sullenly lives from day to day, working hard to try to forget the terrible thing he had done. The one day he found a tiny chalet high up the mountain. In it lived an old man who loved carving and whittling just as much as Lucien himself. This man, and Annette’s Grandmother seek to bring forgiveness and peace to these two children but it takes another accident to solve things. When Lucien’s sister brings home a tip from a well known doctor, Lucien takes matters into his own hands and undertakes skiing down the Pass, a snowy valley to ask this doctor if he can heal Dani. Will he safely ski down this pass in a blizzard at night? Will Dani ever be healed? Will Annette and Lucien ever forgive each other? Find out in the great book.


One response to “Treasures in the Snow By Patricia St. John

  1. JennyBergren

    Great review, Katie. Based on it, I decided to make this our next read aloud. Thanks!

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