Almost Home by Wendy Lawton

Mary Chilton is the main character in this book and as you travel with this young separatist girl on her journey to the New World you will discover how she finds a place to call home; at last. Though the Pilgrims had never found complete freedom in Holland their lives were becoming more and more unbearable. When Mary’s father is badly hurt by some ungodly boys  he decides to pursue the talk of traveling across the ocean to find freedom for all. When the group of pilgrims finalizes their plans the Chilton’s are on their passenger list. Though Mary leaves her older sister and friends in England she and her parents trust in God to sustain them through the trials on board the Mayflower. During this trip and even when she reaches the New World Mary learns that no matter how far away her friends and family are they are still together in heart. When she reaches the New World she goes through many trials, when her best friend goes back to England she thinks joy and gladness are gone forever. Will she ever have joy again? Find out when you read this great historical fiction book.


One response to “Almost Home by Wendy Lawton

  1. meganbumgardner

    I really enjoyed this book. It is a great read for young ladies. Dad and Mom quietly teach their daughter to trust the hand of the Master Weaver even when the fabric of their family is torn apart. Tapestry of Grace (our history curr.) pointed out many instances of God’s sovereign hand in preserving this colony. These people trusted and obeyed their God despite great losses. None of their writings mention any questioning or doubting God’s plan. I have a lot of growth to do in that area!

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